A carved sign is typically referred to a substrate whose surface is chipped away using a number of tools like chisels, routers, and rasps to create depth. A carved sign is in a way a piece of art that enhances the look and feel of whatever it is that you're advertising. Art touches the heart. A sign that has been carved truly has a positive effect on your customers.

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Carved Sign Double-sided

Kathy at KG Farms needed a sign to let customer know where they are, since their business is a bit hidden from the highway. We suggested to make an artsy carved sign and they gave us artistic freedom. The main background and lettering was carved with a cnc router while the trees and the oval behind the trees is hand carved with wood chisels. The sign was installed on two 4x4-inch posts with caps.

KG Farms carved sign by

Carved sign with a twist.

The owners of Country View Cottages own some property in Carlton, Oegon that they've turned into small cottages in the heart of wine country. They wanted a carved sign to be placed next to their business and chose the grapes logo to reflect the area where they are situated. We carved this sign with a cnc router, and carved the middle grapes and flowers with wood chisels.

Country View Cottages carved sign by

Bourbon Jacks Honkytonk.

Erik from Bourbon Jacks Honkytonk Bar and Grill called us all the way from Kent, Washington to design, carve, and install this gorgeous HDU carved sign. We used 2" thick HDU boards for both the background and all the lettering. After almost 3 weeks carving, priming, painting, welding, and polishing, we headed up north to do the installation.

Bourbon Jacks honkytonk grill carved sign by

Fat Milo's family kitchen

Fat Milo's is a mom and pop restaurant in the heart of Sherwood, Oregon. After a small friendship arose through visiting this place for breakfast every Saturday morning, the owner challenged us to design a carved sign that was befitting of this type of restaurant. We carved a 2" HDU board and cut out 1-inch letters that we then installed on the top to give a lot of dimension. We produced a side one and a side two and sandwiched them together so that we could also install a thin metal bracket in between to make installation easy.

Fat Milo's carved sign by