Dimensional signs are just that; signs with dimension. Achieving a dimensional look requires adding layers, raising the thickness of the sign elements when carving, cuting separate letters and logos and applying them on top, or sculpting/carving separate sign items or props that can be attached to the sign. Basically anything which prevents the sign from being flat. Angel Gomez Signs uses all of the styles mentioned above and then some. Our favorite medium substrate is HDU (high density urethane, also known as SignFoam), though we work with any material capable of making great dimensional signs such as MDO, Cedar, PVC, Aluminum, Steel, Extruded and Expanded Polystyrene, among others.

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Dimensional HDU Sign Double-sided

Dr. Morgan wanted an attractive sign for his dental practice in Newberg, Oregon. Together we explored a few styles which could work with what he had in mind. We had just finished an HDU dimensional sign for The Hophouse where we added raised letters covered in gold leaf. Randy was sold. We used a 2-inch thick HDU board, carved the background, cut the lettering and added 24-carat gold leaf, added some embellishments with vinyl, and mounted it on 4x4" posts with caps. We used an aluminum substrate to hang the phone number and another to display the address number at the top.

KG Farms carved sign by AngelGomezSigns.com

Coffee Cat Acrylic sign

Megan from Coffee Cat Coffee House opened up a second business venture and needed a dimensional sign to hang on the wall. We made this sign using only one quarter-inch-thick acrylic. Actual vinyl was applied to the acrylic material and every element of the sign was then laser-cut. The lettering and cat logo were attached to acrylic background with stand-offs to give it more depth.

COffee Cat Coffee House Dimensional sign by AngelGomezSigns.com

Ken and Daughter Jewelers

Eddie Salmon, daughter of the most recognized jeweler in Newberg, wanted a dimensional sign to show off her business. We used our favorite signfoam HDU and routed everything by hand. Eddie being a jeweler asked if we could paint the letters gold. We suggested 24 carat gold leaf and the rest is history.

Ken and Daughter Jewelers dimensional sign by AngelGomezSigns.com

Fat Milo's family kitchen

Fat Milo's is a mom and pop restaurant in the heart of Sherwood, Oregon. After a small friendship arose through visiting this place for breakfast every Saturday morning, the owner challenged us to design a carved sign that was befitting of this type of restaurant. We carved a 2" HDU board and cut out 1-inch letters that we then installed on the top to give a lot of dimension. We produced a side one and a side two and sandwiched them together so that we could also install a thin metal bracket in between to make installation easy.

Rainbow International dimensional sign by AngelGomezSigns.com