An electrical sign advertises to the public even when your business has closed for the day. A lighted sign illuminates your logo and gives your company an opportunity to remind people passing or driving by that you are there. The investment is not always a small thing, but the expense of a channel letter sign (just to name one) justifies itself with the profits that come from the actual sign serving as an additional form of advertising. Angel Gomez Signs helps you from design through completion by providing ideas, design concepts, and a number of ways to fabricate your beautiful sign, always adjusting to your time and budget.

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Channel Letter Sign No Raceway

This channel letter sign measures 12-feet in width. Each of the main letters measure about 16" tall with the smiley logo reaching almost 30-inches tall and the smaller letter about 13-inches tall. Each letter is cut from white acrylic and regular vinyl is applied to match the color required by the customer.

Individual channel letter sign by AngelGomezSigns.com

Channel Letter Sign with a Raceway

This Channel Letter Sign has 14-inch tall letters, white acrylic faces, and pink vinyl on the faces to match the customer's logo. It is mounted on a raceway which is a 9-inch rectangular box and serves a few purposes: it allows for the letters to be installed directly on it so we don't drill 50 holes on the wall. It allows all the wiring to be hidden and protected inside of it. And it allows for easy installation, since raceways tend to have two brackets (one on each side) and we the drilling on the wall is kept to a minimum.

Channel letter sign with raceway by AngelGomezSigns.com

Lighted Box Sign for The Iron Bull

This Lighted Box Sign measures 6 feet tall by 4 feet wide. It was constructed from aluminum to facilitate its installation. The graphics were cut with a vinyl plotter and installed on a sheet of white polycarbonate, which is a common material for this type of application. Polycarbonate is flexible and can withstand the harsh weather better. Acrylic is a more affordable option but is is our experience to have seen acrylic signs warp, become brittle throughout time and break easily. We usually suggest the customer to go with the higher quality to avoid future issues and to give the sign a longer life.

Lighted Box sign by AngelGomezSigns.com

Pylon Sign for Kids n More Dentist

This pylon sign measures 18-feet and it is constructed on a steel frame and aluminum side panels. We welded channels so that a 4x8-foot polycarbonate sheet could slide into place easily. The inserts depict graphics which were printed directly on the material and they use a special ink with UV to protect from the elements and to give a longer life to the graphics. Give us a call today to start on your project at 210-876-7027.

Electrical Pylon sign by AngelGomezSigns.com