Flat Signs

Flat Signs cover an arrange of substrates and materials. A flat sign tends to be a less expensive option and it is generally faster to produce. The styles range from Window vinyl signs, yard signs, directional signs, door signs, painted surfaces, and vinyl applied on flat substrates like glass, plastic, wood or metal. Below are just a few of the many types of flat signs and their use.

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White Vinyl Sign on window

Applying vinyl on a window is just one of the many ways to convey a message or an idea. We use high quality vinyl and are able to design and provide a proof of your artwork in a day or two. We can use your existing logo or we can design a new one from scratch.

KG Farms carved sign by AngelGomezSigns.com

Yard Signs corrugated plastic

These signs are made of a 3/16"-thick corrugated plastic and come in various colors. They can be screen-printed when you order large quantities, or vinyl can be applied if you only need one or a few. The standard size is 12"x18" but the can be as large as you need them. For lasrger sizes, a frame may be necesssary so the sign keeps it's shape. Yard signs are manufactured to have the flutes vertically or horizontally. With vertical flutes, a metal wire stake can be inserted to the sign can stand by itself in the ground.

COffee Cat Coffee House Dimensional sign by AngelGomezSigns.com

Acrilyc Sign with vinyl lettering

This is an address sign. It is a 1/8"-thich acrylic rectangle with black lettering applied on top. It is installed on the wall using 1" plastic stand-offs and concrete screws.

Ken and Daughter Jewelers dimensional sign by AngelGomezSigns.com

Flat Sign aluminum composite

Dibond or aluminum composite is a substrate that's 3/16"-thick. It is pvc sandwiched by two thin layers of aluminum. This is a rigid, flat outdoor material and it is a great way to advertise without breaking the bank. We can add graphics by printing directly on it, we can apply vinyl, or we can prime and paint the substrate for a more durable lifespan. It is light-weight and can be installed easily.

Rainbow International dimensional sign by AngelGomezSigns.com