Monument Signs

At Angel Gomez Signs we can design, fabricate and install your Monument Sign. Our art department can assist you in creating a monument sign that promotes your business and creates a great first impression. We proudly work with our customers to design outdoor monument signs that draw attention and are a perfect fit for your location, considering the architectural elements of your building and always adhering to the building codes. For retail stores, apartments/condos, and corporate offices, outdoor monuments provide visibility that makes your business easy to find, while leaving a memorable impression on those who see it.

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Faux Stone with Acrylic Lettering

Monument signs can be constructed from different materials. Many factors determine the materials used in a sign such as: Location, Cost, Deadline, among others. Materials like faux rock and high density urethane can give a monument sign the look of masonry without the cost associated with this craft.

KG Farms carved sign by

Monument Sign for apartments

This apartment sign was made using fake stone, metal, and acrylic lettering and logo. It is light weight and was installed in a cinch.

COffee Cat Coffee House Dimensional sign by

Kevco Builders Monument Sign

This sign was fabricated using high density urethane foam that is broken, shaped and painted to resemble stone. The background is steel while the lettering is .25" acrylic.

Ken and Daughter Jewelers dimensional sign by

Pylon Sign for shopping center

Pylon signs fall in a different category of their own. This particular shopping pylon sign was constructed using the standard metal frame with aluminum panels for the body and vinyl lettering installed on polycarbonate inserts that slide from the side. The sign used fluorescent lights to attract customer's attention at night.

Rainbow International dimensional sign by