A Wall Sign is another way to display your business name, logo or message. We manufacture a large variety of wall signs utilizing materials such as Aluminum, PVC, Wood, Vinyl, HDU, Acrylic and many more.

These indoor signs can be installed in different ways depending on the wall surface, and the size and weight of the sign. We are always careful to drill as little as possible and use adhesives which do not damage the wall. The cost of a wall sign is determined by the material, size, and installation. We work with your budget so you always get a sign that you love at a price with which you're comfortable.
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Wall Sign PVC on Frosted Acrylic

This wall sign features an frosted acrylic background. The logo is made of PVC and it's adhered to the background with double-backing tape. There is also small lettering that's applied using regular vinyl. To give the sign depth, some signs are installed using aluminum stand-offs. This also limits the amount of drilling on the wall.

Acrylic dimensional wall sign by AngelGomezSigns.com

Wall Sign with Vinyl Letteringy

This wall sign has a frosted acrylic background. The logo and lettering was applied using regular cut vinyl, and it was installed using aluminum stand-offs.

Wall sign with vinyl lettring by AngelGomezSigns.com

Lighted Wall Sign with acrylic lettering

This Lighted Wall Sign was produced using acrylic lettering. The logo is half-an-inch-thick acrylic and is installed using 1" stand-offs to allow room to adhere l.e.d.s behind it.

Lighted Box sign by AngelGomezSigns.com

Wall Sign from Aluminum

This Aluminum sign measures 6 feet wide and it's made of 1/5"-thick aluminum. The logo is 1/5"-thick pvc and has been primed and painted. This particular sign is attached to the wall with a double-sided backing 3-M tape, wich is strong enough to keep the letters in place while making is easy when the time comes for removal without damaging the wall.

Aluminum Wall Sign by AngelGomezSigns.com