Angel Gomez Signs is proud to support our youth athletes and we demonstrate it by sponsoring Carlos Roman Vazquez Barajas who competes in the amateur category in Jalisco, Mexico.

Flexible Concrete Signs

We are able to design truly creative monument signs. This beautiful concrete sign is situated in Bulverde, north San Antonio.

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Flat Wood Signs

Signs don't have to be so expensive. This MDO sign for Littlelearnersdaycare.com was designed, painted and installed in 5 days and singnificantly under-budget.

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Channel Letter Signs

If you need to take advantage of advertising at night, a channel letter sign is the solution. We can install a timer that can turn on at dusk and off at dawn so you can advertise even when you're not in.

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Window Decal Graphics

We have a large variety of vinyl colors and styles to make your windows more appealing to your passer-by potential customers.

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Vehicle Graphics

From a simple vinyl logo to a parcial or full vehicle wrap, Angel Gomez Signs has a complete catalog of vehicle makes and models to design a perfect fit for your car, truck, van, or big rig.

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Sandwich Board Signs

Attract pedestrian traffic to your business with a sandwich board sign. It is light and can be moved in and out daily and easily.

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Carved Signs

We specialize in carved signs utilizing a number of materials such as HDU (high density urethane) and wood. We achieve different styles depending on your needs. We can hand-carve the entire substrate, use state-of-the-art CNC routers, or a combination of both.

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About Us

We are a family business dedicated to the creation of creative, custom signage.

Here at Angel Gomez Signs, we carve, weld, sculpt, and manufacture any sign, prop, and sign structure. We have an art department capable of brainstorming ideas to design creative and functional signs. We give your business an edge over the competition while making a positive impact on your audience. We develop projects from begining to end. Angel Gomez Signs has been in the sign business for over 15 years. We pride ourselves in designing simple, affordable signs as well as large, complex illuminated signs. Call our San Antonio office today for a quick, free quote at +1-424-204-2847.

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We are artists, welders, thinkers, parents, pet owners. We are good at what we do because we love what we do.

Carving styrofoam/polystyrene EPS foam by angelgomezsigns.com


We are able to carve and sculpt materials in order to make a creative sign which stands out.

CNC router lettering and signs by angelgomezsigns.com

CNC Router

If precision is what your sign requires, we have CNC capabilities to manufacture beautiful, modern looking signs.

welding sign structures by angelgomezsigns.com


Angel Gomez Signs has a welding department in charge of all structural construction of our signs. We manufacture from scratch and also repair existing sign structures.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some on our most asked questions; we hope they can help.

woman thinking if she should order a sign from angelgomezsigns.com

What are some of the works you have done previously?

We have made signs for both small and large companies and have a vast portfolio to show examples of our creativity. Some of those companies are: Starbucks, Kidus, Lee Michaels, The City of Lytle, The Portland Trail Blazers, Little Learners Care, Subway, etc. We make signs for Restaurants, Childcares, Schools, Clinics, Coffee Houses, and more. Take a look at our amazing photo gallery.

Jobs are generally custom made and turnaround time depends on the type of sign. A window/vinyl sign may take two business days to design and install. A sandwich sign, no more than 4 days. A channel letter sign generally 2 to 3 weeks, and a pylon sign around 4 weeks.

Every sign is different but the process is similar; first we meet to hear you and understand your idea. Then we make a number of quick sketches. Upon approving one sketch, we design a 3-D computer render to show what your sign will look like. When approved, we write up a contract and start construction.

All signs are different. For outdoor signs, the signs which require the most maintenance are those which have vinyl lettering, for they vinyl has a lifespan of only 2 or three years. A painted sign will last between 4 and 5 years before it starts fading. A metal sign which is generally painted with an automotive paint will keep looking sharp for over 7 years.

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Within our services, you will find interesting articles about signs, new technologies and techniques. We will show you day-to-day projects and the obstacles we overcome to develop creative signage.


Manufacture Any Type of Sign

Some of our customers are often surprised to find out that we can do their complex signs as well as the small ones. From a 20-foot monument sign to a smaller channel letter sign, our crew is always up to the task.

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We install

Not only do we manufacture signs, but we also install them, going through the proper channels of getting a city permit and scheduling a sign revision afterward.

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We remove

Whether you are relocating, storing, or replacing an existing sign, AngelGomezSigns is able to remove it. We do our best to remove your sign within days of scheduling. Call to receive a quick estimate.

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Welding Services

We offer welding services in the city of San Antonio. We can repair your metal fences, gates, and any metal light structures. We cut out corroded, old metal and replace, re-weld, and re-paint in place.

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Fiberglass Props

Angel Gomez Signs produces an array of giant props. We often carve out of polystyrene and give it a light but durable skin using fiberglass. Let your sign stand out by providing the "awe" factor! We can create a giant prop to stand all on its own, or we can incorporate it in your sign. Props can be easily removed or hauled, as they are not heavy.

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We are a family business dedicated to the creation of creative, custom signage.

Here at Angel Gomez Signs, we carve, weld, sculpt, and manufacture any sign, prop, and structure. We have an art department capable of brainstorming ways to design creative and functional signs. We give your business an edge while making a positive impact for your audience.